Membership of the Society runs from the 1st of July to the 30th of June the following year.

The Membership Application can be found on the Forms and fees page her on the web site.

Members agree on application that they “shall abide by the Rules and Regulations, Constitution and Articles of the N.S.W. Palomino Society Inc and will not bring the Society into disrepute. “

We offer our members:

1.  Prestigious Annual State Show which offers a comprehensive 3 ring palomino program for the

1) stallions/colts, 2) mares/fillies 3) geldings

At our State Show we also have classes just for the cremellos and perlinos.

We also offer youth classes  The young members of the Society are able to show their horse regardless of its colour in these classes. We realise that a safe kid’s pony can’t always be a palomino.

We also hold the Dorothy Fitzgerald Fashions on the Field competition for our very well dressed handlers.

Our show really can be one for the whole family to show at.

2. Roll of Merit


Financial members retain, through membership, breeding and showing rights.

Members of the Society can also apply to register palominos, cremellos or perlinos owned or leased by them.

The Registration Application can be found on the Forms and Fees page on this web site.

Once your horse’s registration is approved you will also receive by post your horse’s Registration Certificate.