About Us

The NSW Palomino Society Inc. is run by the Committee who are elected annually at our AGM.

The Committee is:

President Heath Andrews  
Vice President   Jacqui Langfield  
Secretary & Registrar Julie Andrews secretary@nswpalominosociety.asn.au

244 705 (After 6pm)
 Treasurer  Regina Borg   
General Committee Catherine Brown   
   Nicole Rivett  
  Lee Stubbs  
  Deb Dickson  


The Committee are all volunteers who work and give their time freely to the Society as they are passionate about palominos, cremellos and perlinos. 

We also have Liaison Officers based in rural NSW who can assist locals in their areas with any questions regarding palominos, cremello/perlinos and local shows.

Liaison Officers 

Temora     Janelle Hayman   (02) 69 774 573
Bingara  Dawn Smith   (02) 67 549 676
North Coast  Lyn Hewitt  lchewitt46@hotmail.com
Bathurst Julie Andrews 0403 244 705
New England  Teena Bridge  (02) 67 851 180
Riverina Karen Wenke   0417 271 464
Inverell   Cheryl Brown  (02) 67 25 46 86

The Society also maintains a number of Stud Books these are


Stud Book Stallions
Stud Book Mares
Appendix Mares (no proof of breeding)
Foal recordings

Cremellos and Perlinos

Stud Book Stallions
Stud Book Mares
Foal Recordings

Foundation Mares
 (Are by or have produced a palomino)


Our A class show for the Roll of Merit is

NSW Palomino Society State Championships

Life Members

Keith & Harty Makepeace Dick Best Helen Johnston Heather Millar
Dawn Smith Keith Snell Sue Cole Peter Cole
Liz Eurell  Lyn Hewitt  Peggy Medway  

Honorary Member: Barbara Boyce